All dog owners have a responsibility not only to their dog but also to society in general. Part of this responsibility is to train your dog in basic lifeskills so they can live in harmony with you. This is where our most important role as a dog training club comes in.

We offer a Basic Lifeskills Course, which teaches owner and then dog the skills of basic lifeskills so that your dog can happily enjoy life to the full by being able to make the right choices. The Course is open to new and experienced handlers, adolescent and adult dogs, including rescues and any breed or crossbreed – in short – we welcome all. The only requirement is that all dogs in the class are of a sound temperament and are fully vaccinated.

The Basic Lifeskills Courses are six weeks in duration and are run on a Wednesday evening from 8.00pm – 8.40pm.

The classes take place at Brasted Village Hall, Brasted, Kent and are run regularly throughout the year.

The course costs just £70.00 and places must be booked in advance as we limit numbers to a maximum of 5 dogs and handlers per course, producing a more relaxed and safe atmosphere, which is conducive to learning for both your dog and owner. It also enables individual issues to be worked through almost on a one to one basis.

The course aims to teach some important life skills. It teaches owners how to train their dogs:-

  • Introduction to training theory and practise using marker training (clicker)
  • to walk on a loose lead
  • to understand the importance of choice learning
  • basic safety skills – wait, stay as well as to leave and drop items
  • to play and settle
  • to recall back to the owners
  • to understand body language and what our dogs are telling us
  • to greet people and other dogs
  • to manage dog to dog interactions in the right way
  • to help build a bond between dog and owner
  • dog law and responsibility
  • handling and grooming so your dog can enjoy this interaction
  • and more…….

The added advantage of the course is it helps to socialise your dog with both people and other dogs in a safe environment. In addition to all this, the course will include advice on practical and essential legal aspects of dog ownership like collars and leads, ID discs, poop scoops, countryside code etc.

We require that all dogs are fully vaccinated or can show proof of adequate immunity and that owners come armed with some form of ‘poop scoop’ in case of any accidents on their way to and from the training venue.

If you would like further information or you would like to book your place on a forthcoming Basic Lifeskills Course please contact:

Kaye Scott Tel: 01959 575129

Places on the courses must be booked in advance as we do limit numbers to a maximum of 5 dogs and and one handler per course in line with the new COVID19 restrictions.

Wednesday 12th January 2022 NOW FULL
Wednesday 23rd February2 spaces available


Please contact us if you can do daytime classes – we can recommend classes that will be appropriate alternatives