Helping you puppy learn about life at their pace is so important. It isn’t about rushing them out as soon as they have had their second vaccinations. The important foundations that a puppy needs to learn in the first 16 weeks will form the blueprint for the rest of his / her life, so it is a really important stage and it’s important to get it right – you only get one chance!

Socialisation and habituation, in a nutshell, is teaching the puppy how to deal with different experiences and helping them to take life in their stride. The club’s ‘Lifeskills for Puppies’ Course does just that.

The course content is aimed at pups no more than 14 weeks at the start. For older pups, our Basic Lifeskills Course would be more appropriate.

The courses are 5 weeks in duration and take place on Wednesday evenings from 7.10pm – 7.50pm at Brasted Village Hall, Brasted, Kent and are run regularly throughout the year. Like our other courses and classes, all breeds of dog are welcome.

We recommend starting your pup no younger that about 12 weeks once they have had some sort of experience with life outside the safety of their home so they can cope with the hall environment. It is not for very young puppies (8 weeks) at what is a very vulnerable stage in their development.

The course costs just £60.00 and places must be booked in advance. Places are limited to 4 puppies and handlers per course so early booking is advisable.

Many people believe that socialisation is simply letting your puppy meet other dogs! There is so much more to socialising a puppy, of which meeting and mixing with other dogs in the right way is only a tiny part.

The course content includes:-

  • Building confidence
  • Appropriate socialisation with people and other dogs
  • Teaching pups how to deal with life outside the safety of their home
  • Advice on ‘play biting’ problems, house training, jumping up
  • Teaching the ‘Family Rules’ (not the old outdated Dominance Theory)
  • Introducing the concept of sharing to prevent guarding issues
  • Teaching the puppy how to deal with frustration!
  • Teach the important life skill of self regulation
  • Teaching patience, calmness and choice
  • Care and Welfare
  • Info on the legal requirements of dog ownership
  • Introduction to training theory and practise – ‘marker’ training (clicker / word)
  • How to avoid separation issues
  • Understanding body language – how does our pup feel in any situation?
  • and much, much more………

If you would like further information or you would like to book your place on a forthcoming Lifeskills for Puppies course please contact Kaye Scott on 07779 500129
Wednesday 10th April – NOW BOOKING
Wednesday 15th May- NOW BOOKING


Please contact us if you can do daytime classes – we can recommend classes that may be suitable alternatives